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Reborn Baby Dolls! Oh my great God. They are truly stunning

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I do not intend any transgression to any person at all, but even then I will apologize in advance.
The realistic Reborn Baby Dolls! Oh my great God. They are truly stunning. I think some one must have carried them out to the market and have posed if it is her real child.
The Reborn Baby Doll is very realistic. Do they often weep? Cry? Laugh or smile?

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Or are they for younger girls as a toy?
I am astonished by this. Someone please tell me the point of it.
So do they have artificial ‘private’ parts?
People are using real baby clothes for them? Ok, does not matter, but it is the extreme going out to the store to buy pampers for a Reborn. Isn’t it?
Certain women who can’t have babies must be having this doll as recompense.

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