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Reborn baby dolls- Hobby or obsession?

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The reborn baby dolls are crafted to look just like real babies. The doll`s crafting is done by Artists that are referred to as Reborners and the process of creating these dolls is called as Reborning. These dolls have gained enough popularity in the world. Now the focus of the media stores is on that either these dolls are taken as hobby or obsession? This article examines this question….

People, for whom these reborn dolls are an obsession, treat their reborn dolls as if they were real babies. They used to hold, cuddle the reborn dolls, or taking places in car seats and in baby jogging strollers. So, this really tells us that the people who collect reborn baby dolls are so much obsessed with the reborn dolls that they have forgotten that that was just a doll.
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