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Recently there is a hot trend in a very unique hobby, which is having a Reborn Doll. The term Reborn Doll refers to a vinyl baby doll, that has been customized by a process of repainting and enhancement to resemble a human baby. The process of creating a Reborn Doll is referred to as Reborning.

Reborn Baby Dolls for Sale

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Not everyone understands reborning, the technique of Reborning has evolved over the past five years, as hobbyists and doll artists have refined the painting techniques and added technical enhancements, such as a heartbeat simulator. To the uninitiated it’s a world of strange obsession, to the folks that do understand, it provides endless hours of irreplaceable pleasure. More recently special Reborn doll kits are available, and mechanical enhancements are seen, such a battery powered breathing mechanism to simulate the breathing movements of a sleeping baby.
That pleasure is derived from beauty, artistry, and uniqueness of each doll, because just like human babies, reborn dolls come in every conceivable shape size and color – nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian, and African American Reborn Dolls.
Reborn dolls are exactly as they sound, they are dolls that have been stripped of their factory finishes and been “reborn” and transformed in to realistic looking babies. A search for ‘reborn’ in the eBay dolls category yields painstakingly refinished dolls made to look sometimes eerily like real babies.
Sometimes in mid July this year, in Australia, frantic police have smashed a window to rescue a seemingly unconscious baby from a locked vehicle, only to find it was a extremely lifelike doll, which is the reborn doll. Similar incident in the US when the window of a new Hummer was broken by police trying to rescue a “baby” that turned out to be a doll belonging to the owner’s wife.
From real skin tones and micro-rooted hair, a perfectly weighted body filled with special soft products, this is truly a multi-dimensional art. . these babies look and feel real. Reborning baby dolls has become a unique art skills and some of the famous artists in this field excel in this very niche business. A lot of people also take it as a hobby for the doll making as there are many tools available for ones to pursue on the interest.
Their chests rise and fall and you can hear a tiny heartbeat, but these babies for sale over the Internet are not alive. They are not only popular mainly with collectors, but also with nostalgic grandparents and grieving parents. “Cuddle therapy” is what one reborning Website calls the hobby — the dolls’ bodies can be fitted with electronic devices that mimic a heartbeat and breathing.
As the dolls grow more popular, doll-makers keep adding new details to simulate the experience of holding a real baby. There are reborns that seem to breathe, ones that have a faint heartbeat, others that feel warm to the touch, since they come with heating packs. There are dolls modelled after premature babies that are sold with incubators, a breathing apparatus taped to their nostrils. Some makers add a milky, baby-powder scent. Doll-maker Becker washes her reborns repeatedly in baby shampoo so they no longer smell of vinyl but like a freshly bathed infant.
You don’t stop playing with dolls because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing with dolls.

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