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Reborn baby Dolls- A memory for Infant loss and Miscarriage!

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Of course, there is no big loss for the mother if her child is lost in infancy or if she is not able to become a mother again due to miscarriage, then it could be the worst thing for those mums.

Reborn Baby dolls have become a great source for the mothers who lost their children because reborn doll is memorial for infant loss, miscarriages and still birth and these reborn dolls are made to resemble your lost child, it can fill your arms and help to remove the ache from mom`s heart.

The reborn baby dolls are created based on photos taken of the child or if there are no photos then dolls are based on the hair or eye color of the parents. So, the memorial reborn baby doll is very therapeutic for the parents.
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Reborn Baby Dolls have Emotional bonding!

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The grieving parents form emotional bonding with these reborn baby dolls because they have gone through miscarriages or they may have lost their little one`s in infancy. These are the realistic approach that can make emotional bonding between reborn baby dolls and caretakers of the baby dolls which are the parents.

So, the grieving parents contend that they are not replacing children but remembering them which can become a problem because they are not just collecting them but mothering the reborn baby dolls too, which can be a problem when it becomes the person`s only form of socializing.

Some women dress the reborn baby dolls, wash their hands and they even take them for a walk in baby jogging stroller and take them for shopping. So, this thing can create emotional bonding between reborn baby doll and the women.
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